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BeSTGRID was a series of 3 projects, funded from mid 2006 through to mid 2010. As the first research e-infrastructure for the New Zealand research sector, BeSTGRID's goals were to establish models for centralised research computing and to build the capability to deliver these platforms into the research sector.

BeSTGRID coordinated New Zealand research organisations providing services and infrastructure (often known as eResearch) to conduct research collaboratively, on faster time lines, and with greater computational power and data intensity.

Summer of eResearch 2011

Digital support in a national crisis

Managing data around the Christchurch earthquakes

In the hours following both Christchurch earthquakes, gigabytes of data needed to be downloaded, stored, processed and delivered to emergency management response teams both at the Beehive and the frontline in Christchurch.

NZ eResearch Symposium 2011

Secure Access to Research Services underway

The 2008 R,S&T Budget included provision within a capability build fund for the development of a New Zealand Identity and Access Management Federation (Tuakiri: NZ Access Federation) for the research sector, aimed at increasing researchers’ confidence in collaborating over the advanced network, KAREN.

BeSTGRID enables Virtual Screening for Drug Discovery

Working with Jack Flanagan of the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre we are developing a prototype virtual high throughput drug screening pipeline as an alternative to traditional wetlab based high throughput screening methods.  An early prototype is already being put to good use and has reduced the time to screen candidate molocules from two weeks to 5 days.  Further work is currently underway to reduce the screening time down to one day!

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Maintained as an archive of the BeSTGRID project by the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure.